It’s hard to find someone who hasn’t used Microsoft Word. Even harder to find is someone who really knows how to use it properly.
If you’re looking for a Word professional who knows an indent from an I-beam, look no further.

Template design

We specialise in designing templates that are uncluttered and easy to use. Styles make sense, documents are easy to navigate, and lists are under your control, not running wild. With extensive experience both in designing and applying templates, we can restore order to your documents, or just help you to refresh your image.

Macros and automation

We also develop Word and Excel macros to do those tedious, error-prone tasks for you. So many productive hours are wasted doing repetitive work by hand. Computer software should lighten the load, not add to it; using Microsoft Office’s powerful macro capability, we can eliminate the boring bits.

e-book formatting

You’ve written your masterpiece—now it’s time to get it published. If you’re keen to self-publish your work as an e-book, we can prepare your Word file so that it will upload easily in Amazon, Kobo, iTunes, and more. Or we can go one step further and generate a publication-ready EPUB file for you.